Bark painting

Are you ready for some open-ended discovery, curiosity, experimentation, and process-based art project?
Barks found in nature are free invitations and a blank canvas for you to create! They also make a perfect way to spread positive messages out there.
Supplies needed 
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Optional (for decoration)


I created two versions as you can see in the video above. One painted with watercolors and the other with paintsticks. A big hooray to these no-mess paint sticks from @weareooly that made the barks so colorful (and are perfect for tiny hands)! 
The first thing you’ll want to do is go on a walk to collect barks. Right now, the area that I live in Southern California is full of them laying on the ground.  

Next, cover the entire bark with white tempera paint and let it dry completely. 
It usually takes 15-20 mins but you can use a heat tool to speed up the process.

Barks will shrink and curl due to the paint, but as they dry, they return to normal. Some need extra help to stay flat so I cover them with kitchen paper, put weight on top and leave them like this for about 20 minutes.

Time to paint. Set up paintbrushes, a water jar, and watercolors pods. Mix colors together, make patterns, blend pain, have fun!  There’s no wrong way about this creative moment! Let the barks dry.

If you are doing this project with kids, it's time to an invitation to create, a thoughtfully arranged provocation to make something from a set up of provided materials. Set up sequins, washi tape, feathers, glitter, pompous, and invite them to create. Each kid will come to a final outcome totally unpredictable and creative.

Then use permanent black markers to write quotes or draw on the barks. Use to twinkles to add a final touch to it! To protect the watercolor, glaze it with Triple Thick. Optional: with glue gun and twine, create a handle on the back of the bark and make a wall art!

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