Marbled hearts to celebrate Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day approaching, 
here is a cute idea to spread some kindness in the neighborhood: marbled hearts!

Supplies needed

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Pick three colors of clay. 
If you are uncertain how to mix the colors, 
you can use the color wheel to help you!

To mix the colors, I used a "technique" that I use since I was a kid: the snake!  Roll each color out about 4 inches long. Twist each color together. Fold and then twist again until the colors are blended the way you want.

Form a ball with the clay. Use a wooden rolling pin 
to flatten the clay then use the cookie cutter to make your hearts.

In case you want to make a necklace with them, 
use a stick to make a hole on the top of the heart before you bake the clay!

Bake them for 15 minutes and you'll have a 
beautiful collection of hearts to make a necklace (or a keychain or a charm or whatever you want), hand them out to friends or leave them around as a piece of art + kindness abandonment. You can also add a positive word on each one of them and make them even more special.

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