Marbled hearts to celebrate Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day approaching, 
here is a cute idea to spread some kindness in the neighborhood: marbled hearts!

Supplies needed

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1. Pick three colors of clay. If you're unsure how to mix the colors, refer to the color wheel for guidance!

2. To mix the colors, I used a technique I've loved since I was a kid: the snake! Roll each color into a snake about 4 inches long. Twist the colors together, then fold and twist again until you achieve the desired blend.

3. Form the clay into a ball. Use a wooden rolling pin to flatten the clay, then use a cookie cutter to shape your hearts.

4. If you want to make a necklace with your clay hearts, use a stick to create a hole at the top of each heart before baking the clay.

5.Bake the hearts for 15 minutes, then let them cool completely. You'll have a beautiful collection of hearts to use for necklaces, keychains, charms, or any other creative project. You can give them to friends or leave them around as little pieces of art and acts of kindness. To make them even more special, consider adding a positive word to each one.

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