DIY Friendship rings

We want to help your kid focus on kindness this December by giving them an opportunity to show their kindness by crafting with a purpose.
Friendship Rings is a call to action using positive words and colors as a way to spread some inspiration around.
Let's encourage our children to create rings to give them to loved ones as a Christmas DIY gift.
We all could use a little more love to connect.

Supplies needed (affiliate links for your convenience):

  • With a little color and positive words, wood discs can easily be transformed into  unique rings.
  • These were made with Oodles of Doodles multi surface markers. 
  • First I create the colorful backgrounds. Wait a few minutes to be sure that it's dry. 
  • To write on the discs, first use a smooth pencil then cover it with Sharpie permanent marker.  
  • Once it's dry, cover it with Triple Thick glaze to seal that surface.
  • The last step is to glue the discs on the oing backs. I used my favorite heavy duty glue E6000.
For more ideas, follow Instagram Word Rocks Project.

I'll be doing this workshop for kids at Mint Studio on December, 7th, 2018.
Click HERE to buy tickets.