DIY Friendship rings

We want to help your kid focus on kindness this December by giving them an opportunity to show their kindness by crafting with a purpose.
Friendship Rings is a call to action using positive words and colors as a way to spread some inspiration around.
Let's encourage our children to create rings to give them to loved ones as a Christmas DIY gift.
We all could use a little more love to connect.

Supplies needed 
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  • With a little color and positive words, wood discs can easily be transformed into unique rings.
  • First I created colorful backgrounds (these were made with Oodles of Doodles multi-surface markers but you can also use and Posca markers) 
  • . Wait a few minutes to be sure that it's dry. 
  • To write on the discs, use a smooth pencil to trace the words and then cover it with Sharpie permanent marker.  
  • Once it's dry, cover it with Triple Thick glaze to seal that surface.
  • The last step is to glue the discs on the ring backs with heavy-duty glue E6000.
  • Glitter rings were made with Mod Podge and glitter.  Apply a layer of MP on the wooden circle and soak in the glitter. Wait to dry and repeat if necessary. In the end, apply another layer of MP to seal it.
  • Marbled ring: check out the tutorial HERE.
For more ideas:
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