Air dry clay ornaments

This morning I created with the kids that came to my workshop, these beautiful star ornaments with Testors color shift spray. Love each one of them! A craft to be treasured forever by family!

The nice thing about this color shift spray is that it creates true color change, depending on the light or angle. For this project, I chose the one that goes from emerald to turquoise. It's gorgeous!  

List of supplies 
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Optional (for decoration)


Form a ball with the air clay that fits your palm. Flatten the clay slightly. Don’t let it get too thin. Then use a dough roller to press it and make the surface even. 

Cut stars in different sizes.

 If you want to hang a twine, create a small hole on the top of it 
(I used the handle of a painting brush). 

Use the alphabet stamps to create positive words and quotes.

Time to add colors! Cover them first with a coat of black spray paint. Let it dry. Spray color shift Emerald Turquoise.  

Then you are ready for the best part: decoration! 
Add glitter, sparkle or any other embellishments!

Let it dry for 48 hours!


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