Leaf a Message during Thanksgiving

We all want our children to be kind, appreciative, and overall thankful for the good things they have in life. 
Enjoy the Thanksgiving Season moment to talk to them about gratitude while crafting a gratitude garland to decorate your house for Thanksgiving!
You can also work together on some individual leaves with messages of appreciation to be given to teachers, best friends, family and even to strangers!

Supplies used (affiliate links for your convenience)


This is a very simple craft. The secret is to do it in the right order so kids 
will be able to accomplish it!

  • Talk to the children about six or seven things they are thankful for. If they already know how to write, they can start doing this, otherwise write for them. Leaves have an average size of 3 in.
  • The easiest way to tie the ribbons to the twine is to stretch the twine and stick the two ends of it with washi tape or masking tape on a table or wall.
  • Now comes my favorite part: decorate the leaves. Use gems, stickers, sequins, wiggly eyes, glitter, puffy paint! Make the garland very festive and colorful!

Also, prepare individual leaves to show appreciation to the loved ones or to leave them around to surprise strangers!
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