Coloring pencils on rocks

I posted this picture in some of my social 
networks ad it got such a great response.

Few weeks ago I found this old drawing of my son and transformed it on a rock.
I used neon coloring pencil because I wanted to reproduce the same kind of style and the result was so cute!

Coloring pencils give the rocks a translucent and textured look that I love!

Supplies used 
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The rock I used was really smooth and bright so I decided not to prime it.
 I copied the lines carefully (keep an eraser with you) with a 4B pencil and then and then covered them with the marker.
Last step was coloring the drawing. To get a more opaque design, you'll need to create as many layers to get to the result you want.
To glaze it, use a spray as sealant.

It's so simple that the post did not even need tutorial!
But it's a cute idea to try with your kids, isn't it?

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