Rainbow pine cones!

Rainbow nature art is a perfect craft and art activity for kids

My dogs love trails and I enjoy the time with them to pick up nature pieces and transform them in art to be abandoned later.
Below you'll find out how I created each one of them (with an affiliate link for your convenience).
The thing about pinecones is that you need to have patience as you can only paint half of it per time.

NOTE: I use a metal lead as a support to work each half of the pinecone 
per time (pic below).  

I first gave it two layers of white primer. Let it dry.
Same thing for the colors: two layers.  Let it dry.
Then, one layer of the glitter paint
As soon as it gets dry, you can start using the glue to stick the sequins. I decided to glue them randomly while matching the acrylic colors.

This one is soooo easy.
Two layers of gold spray. Let ir dry.
Use the puffy paint to do circles with gradual color changes.

I didn't use the primer on this one but I needed to paint three layers 
of acrylics to get the result i wanted.

As soon as it gets dry, glue the glitter on the tips of the pine cone scales, matching the colors with the acrylics.

Now you are ready to leave your rainbow pinecones for people to find them!

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