Rainbow bouquet

The rainbow bouquet it's a super easy idea for you to get your kids involved
 in Share a Rainbow Day, October, 3rd.

What you'll need (affiliate links for you convenience):

How to prepare them:

Paint the rainbows on the watercolor pad. 
The good thing about having a brush set is that you can paint different sizes easily and also make 
the process faster.

After the rainbows dry, cut them out and draw the cute faces.  
Next step is to make 3D cheeks with puffy paint. Wait them to dry.

Use the hot glue gun to glue the craft dowels (or popsicle sticks if you prefer) on the back of the rainbows.

I finished them with a touch of sparkle by using glitter paint.

Then it's time to share the rainbows!!
You can place them individually or prepare a rainbow garden for people t pick up one!

To download the tags to leave along with your rainbows, 
you can click here or here.

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