Hello, Fall!

I love everything about Fall and because yesterday was its first day, I got inspired to paint rocks with few of my other favorite things.
1. My family (us).
2. My Boston Terriers: Hey Jude and Sgt. Pepper.
3. Writing letters (check out my other project @loveitforwardlist).
4. Rainbows (check out @sharearainbowday)
5. Blackbirds (I have three tattooed on my right foot).
6. Glitter.
7. Starry nights.
8. Art supplies.
9. Succulents.
10. Magic.
11. Unicorns (aren’t they magical?)
12. Autumn (everything about it)
13. The beginning of Spring (love the flowers blooming and the colors but it’s the worst time of the year for my allergies!).
14. Friends (the siblings that we choose in life!)
15. Love ( is love).
16. Love creating more love.

Supplies used 
(affiliate links for your convenience)!

Posca Medium Point (to paint large areas and backgrounds)
Artistro markers  (to paint details)
Tombow Mono Twin (to lettering and outlines)

For more ideas:
Instagram Word Rocks Project