Rocks painted with homemade alcohol ink

Rock painted by Rockinthebeach

Aren't these rocks beautiful?! Since I spotted them on Rockingthebeach Instagram account, I'm crazy to try the technique.

I reached out to ask her how to do that and she was so amazing and generous!

"They were painted with homemade ink, using deconstructed Sharpies", Terry told me. "Take the pens apart, slit open the inside sponge and place in a small bottle of 91% alcohol. Then let it sit a bit".

Supplies (affiliate links provided for convenience)

Drip a few drops of alcohol ink onto your rock and let the ink spread. 
You can help move it around by blow on it. Wait. Add more drops of alcohol ink until you think your rock art is done.

Be aware that lcohol inks can stain hands, clothes and some surfaces. Be sure to prep your work area wih proper protection and don't forget to use a pair of latex gloves.

If you try it, come show me on Instagram or Facebook! Use hashtag #wordrocks.