Recycled cardboard boxes

The past year was great for rock painting. But for me, who started Word Rocks Project seven years ago, to see so many people doing exactly the same, discouraged me to paint rocks. But it was a great impulse to new ideas !!

To celebrate creativity, I'm sharing an idea that I posted on my stories this week that received a lot of feedback from my followers: recycling cardboard boxes to create positive messages to leave around. Also, this post is a response to the  poll I did yesterday, asking if people wanted to see new ideas on how to spread positive words out there. The last picture shows the result of the poll (you will be surprised!). 

Supplies needed (affiliate links provided for convenience)


Step 1.Explore all the possible shapes. Use a pencil and a ruler to trace the forms and then cut them.

Step 2: Use Chunkies paint to create the background colors. I love them especially to craft with kids as they are no messy paint! You may need to do it twice so wait for fo it to get dry before painting the second layer. What I love about Chunkies is that you can create colorful paintings without any mess. That's because the paint is encased inside a plastic barrel. Just twist up the paint stick and start painting! 

Step 3: With a thick black marker, write positive and joyful quotes.

Step 4: To leave them around, you can use a hole puncher and a cute rainbow or simply a washi tape to stick it somewhere.

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