Alia and her Rainbow Rock Project

Please, meet adorable Alia, our Share a Rainbw Day Ambassador!  In February, 2016, she started the  Rainbow Rock Project!, painting rainbow rocks to leave outdoors as a fun surprise for people to find. 
Alia (that I call Little Mermaid) is now 9 years old and continue to spread rainbow rocks and encourage everyone to join her mission in spreading kindness by painting rainbow rocks too! 

Bellow you'll find an insight of the mind and heart of Alia!

How old are you and what grade? Nine years old and just started 4th grade, but I started the Rainbow Rock Project when I was 7!

Why did you decide to create a project and why did you choose rocks? 
I decided to create the Rainbow Rock Project to spread kindness.  In December of 2015, I started painting rainbow rocks to leave outdoors as a fun surprise for people to find. I felt really good about spreading kindness through my favorite thing to draw - rainbows! I wanted to paint more and more rainbow rocks for people to find and spread joy and kindness. My mom suggested painting rainbow rocks for a good cause. And the Rainbow Rock Project started in Feb 2016!

How much was the value you raised with it and to which place you donate it? 

I've raised over $7K of which slightly over $2K was PLAE Shoes collaborations where I designed rainbow tabs and proceeds went to my charity of choice. In both cases, the charity was the Bay Area Rescue Mission .

What was the best message you heard from someone who found a rainbow rock?

There is not one message as all of them have been so nice. But I love hearing when other parents want to make rainbow rocks with their kids and leave them out. That makes me happy!

How do you feel about painting a rainbow rock to spread love and colors to strangers?
Really happy, kind and peaceful!

What’s is you favorite color of the spectrum and why? 
Definitely Red! Because it's the color of strawberries and that's my favorite fruit! Also it's the first color of the rainbow.

Some good supplies for kids to paint rainbow rocks 
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