Best pen pen for tiny rocks

Rock painting markers

A friend stopped by at my home yesterday asking if I could paint some tiny rocks to her daughter's new college apartment.
Check out below the best supplies for it!

Supplies (affiliate links for your convenience)

Small black river rocks 
White Uniball Signo
Clear acrylic spray

The stones were waxed so the first thing that I did was to wash them off. Best way to do that? Dishwasher. Wait for your next cycle and put them inside the cutlery holder.
As the rocks were really small, I decided to use a fine tip pen. My favorite one is the white Uniball Signo. I love the flow and the coverage it has. Also, Signo is perfect to add details.
As the request was for decorative rocks, I chose to have a theme to unify them all: nature and words.
After painting, I wait 24 hours to seal them. Use the acrylic spray from a safe distance (12 in).

For more ideas, check out my Instagram account Word Rocks Project.