Air-dry clay rainbows

The more I look for ideas on how to create colorful crafts for Share a Rainbow Day, October, 3rd, the more I want to create rainbows!

Right now, my desk is covered with 18 different rainbows (yes, I counted them!).

One of my favorites is the arches made of air-dry clay by Crayola. I'm in love with this product that is so easy to use and has an amazing price. Not to mention that the bucket yields a lot of crafts!

I tried a couple of different supplies on how to paint and decorate them so you can enjoy the supplies you already have at home. From watercolor to markers, puffy paint to glitter, I found out different ways make beautiful air-ceramic rainbows!

List of supplies (affiliated links for your convenience)

Optional (for painting)
Brush set (only in case you need rainbow a set of rainbow brushes)

Optional (for decoration)

How to prepare the air-dry rainbow: 

·       Form a ball with the air-clay that fits your palm. Flatten the clay slightly. Don’t let it get too thin. Then use a rule to press it and make the surface evener. 

    Shape the clay into a rainbow with your fingers. I didn't worry about making it a perfect shape as I like to have a bit of variety in shape and size. But if you want a tip to help you create a more perfect arch, use a metal lid to shape the flatten and create the outer arch. With a teaspoon, create the inner arch.

·        If you want to hang a twine, create a small hole on the top of it (I used the handle of a painting brush).
·        Let it dry for three days.
·     Once the air-clay is dry, cover them first with a coat of white acrylic paint. Then you are ready for the best part: decoration! Add color, glitter, sparkle or any other embellishments!
When you are done with the decoration, wait 24 hours and then seal the rainbows completely with Triple Thick Gloss Glaze. Use the Twine or multicolor yarn to hang them and share rainbows everywhere!
Below you'll find all the rainbows I created and how to paint and decorate in different ways.

Puffy Paint

(only in case you need rainbow a set of rainbow brushes)
Glitter paint

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