Tree barks art

Enjoy summer to spend time outside and pick up nature pieces to transform them into art! I found these tree barks yesterday and had so much fun painting and writing on them to leave messages around.

Aren’t they beautiful?! A big hooray to these no mess paint sticks from @weareooly that made the barks so colorful (and are perfect for tiny hands)! 

List of supplies (affiliate links for your convenience):

Try to find the barks as flat as possible. Some that I used were not entirely flat due to some small piece of surface. What I did was cut the non-flat piece.

As the barks I found were light-colored, I did not need to use primer. However, to make the colors more lively, I painted two layers. One of the qualities of the Chunkies is that the paint dries very fast. I always use a heat tool to make the process even faster.

When the two layers are completely dry, use a very soft pencil to draw the letters and drawings you want. Then just cover the lines with the white Posca.

Wait 24 hours and then seal the barks with an acrylic spray.

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