Positive cracked gems

Looking for new ideas to spread some positivity around?

So here they are: cracked gems + #wordrocks !I’ll be leaving ten of these eye-catching gems around town! Get inspired and craft with a purpose you too!

Supplies used
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1. Place glass gems on a baking sheet and put into the oven (425 F) for approximately 20-25 min.
2. When the gems are done baking put them into the ice water (prepare in advance a bowl with water and ice). The gems will crack as soon as you put them in the water. t’s unlikely that gems might explode BUT wear protective eyewear in the rare case a gem explodes when you put it into the water. 
3. Use the nail polish to paint the flat side of the cracked gems.
4. Let them dry.
5. Use white Posca to write positive words on them.

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