Chalk with a purpose!

The first time I spotted these spray chalk set at Target, my mind began to bubble with a thousand ideas.

One of my "craft with a purpose" ideas is to chalk my driveway with cute designs or positive quotes for my neighbors. Needless to say, these chalk sprays would be perfect for this!

As rainbows are one of my favorite "craft with a purpose" art, I decided to also include some butterflies to make it even cuter. I used Air Brainz stencil set that also comes with a turtle, a fox, and an owl. I made a cut in the center with the same measurements of the stencil and then sticking the butterfly with tape.

Since the stencil is small, I needed to create a frame so the spray will not dye the surface around the butterfly as well. I used a styrofoam rectangle that came with some mail delivery. I made a cut in the center with the same measurements of the stencil and then stick the butterfly with tape.

First I chalked the rainbow on the concrete. I like to make the arc with a free hand to give it a very natural aspect. As soon as you use the spray, the image is wet. When it dries is when the magic happens and the colors gain the a powder texture . It's too beautiful! I made a few small adjustments in the colors before getting to the butterflies.

The butterflies were soooo easy to do. 

Just keep moving the stencil around the rainbow using different colors.

Then I tried also at grass and rocks, to see how it will work. So far, the concrete was my favorite although some passers-by really enjoyed the ones in the grass.

The most wonderful thing about doing the designs was that _ beside the fun _ I had people stopping by to chat about what I was doing. People walking their dogs, moms with babies, kids coming back from school. They wanted to know about the product, about the designs, compliment,  say hi! I felt like my "craft with a purpose" mission was accomplished as part of it is to connect with people!

Be aware that the product ends up a little quick, so do not waste it before you cone. The other recommendation is that you wash off with a hose before 24 hours because there is the risk of the product leaving waste.

Happy crafting with a purpose!

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