Word Rocks made with puffy paint

My first #wordrocks were made back in 2011. The first supplies that I used were puffy paints. 

From times to times I love to go back to them. So here I am again, this time, trying some calligraphy.

What you'll need (Affiliate links provided for your convenience)
My favorite thing about these Tulips is that they have the perfect size tip to make easy to try some calligraphy. 

First thing, use the primer spray to cover your rock with two coats. Let the first coat dry before doing the second.

With a very soft graphite pencil, write your favorite quote, preferably a 4B one.

Carefully, cover the pencil lines using the Tulip dimensional puffy paint. If you make a mistake (you'll see me doing one with the green color) you can simply use a soft piece of paper to wipe away the paint.

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