Doodle Easter Eggs

Easter egg season is here! 

I’ve been trying a couple of different decorations this year but so far the rainbow mandala ones are my favorite. 

I am enjoying so much the meditative work of doodling on rocks. It relaxes my mind and also keeps me creative! Besides, I like the natural, not perfect and organic look of it as it allows me to feel free to create instead of worrying about making it perfect.

Supplies used
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  •  Using a soft pencil, draw the outline of the egg very lightly.

  • Then draw two guidelines, one vertical and one horizontal, make them cross in the middle of your egg shape. Those lines will guide you when doodling.

  • Now, time to doodle. It doesn’t have to complicated! The patterns should be composed of very simple shapes. Easy lines, dots, circles, squiggles, ovals.  You need to choose a start point and create the patterns as you see fit.
  • If you don’t know how to create the patterns, check the picture below for a couple of easy shapes and motifs to inspire you.

  • Cover the pencil lines with the permanent marker. Wait for it to dry completely and use the eraser to erase any visible pencil lines. This type of retractable eraser is much easier to work on rocks.

  • Then comes the best part: make it rainbow with Gelly Roll Moonlight!
  • To protect the design, cover the rock with Triple Thick Glaze, the most beautiful finish for rocks (it even adds the illusion of depth).

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