Cactus rocks

Who don't love succulents and cute cactus??!

As an inspiration for the rocks, I used this Color-in' Cactus an Succulents book from Ooly (click here) but you can find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest too (click here). I love to have these cheap coloring books as I can carry them with me anywhere to inspire me when doodling rocks.

Now a big hooray for these amazing multi-surface markers from Ooly: Oodles of Doodles. The bright colors will show up moist and darker. In few seconds they will turn on in opaque, lighter and very pigmented colors. I love to see the transformation!

Also, the 4 mm tip is wonderful for kids to use. This 10 colors set is one of the supplies that I always bring to my workshop Crafting with a Purpose.

Here is my working process:

1. First I draw he cactus with a 6B pencil. I try to do it as light as possible to make it easier to erase later.

2. Then I cover the pencil lines with a extra fine point of any permanent black marker. Here you can find some of my favorites. Wait a while and erase any visible pencil line. The black color will fade a bit.

3. Now comes my favorite part: to color with Oodles Doodles. As the pigment quality is awesome I just need to do it once with maybe one or two tiny retouches.

4. Last step is to trace the black lines again.