Ombré Halloween mini pumpkins

Pumpkin Supplies (Affiliate links provided for your convenience)
  • Mini pumpkins – Choose pumpkins that have a stem, it makes it easier to dip them. I bought mine at Trader Joe’s. 
  • Acrylic paint set (easier to get two shades of the same color)
  • White primer 
  • Posca Pens to draw face

Step 1. Clean your pumpkin with soap and water to remove any dirt or wax that might keep the paint from adhering properly.   

Step 2: Start by preparing your pumpkin with a coat of primer. I used Testors but this one is really good too: Rust-Oleum. 
Let dry completely before the next step.

Step 3. I chose to have the light color at the bottom but you can also do the opposite. Color the surface staring by the bottom until the middle of it.

Step 4. Start painting the dark shade from the steam until the middle of the pumpkin. Let it dry completely.

Step 5: For the second layer, repaint the colors the same way. With the paint still wet, tap the brush carefully horizontally to start blending the colors. I do it to each color. Let it dry.

Step 6. Repeat step 5 if you believe its necessary. Let it dry.

Step 7. Use the Posca to dry the adorable kawaii faces and,,, tah-dah! The pumpkins are spooktacular to be left around with a note alongside.