Rainbow Ombré Popsicles sticks

I love to paint these popsicles sticks to leave around, especially when we are celebrating Share a Rainbow Day, October, 3rd. Also, I hide them inside books when returning them to the library. So many ways to spread some colors and love around!

Supplies needed
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The sticks are the jumbo size. Click here.

There are a lot of different brands of acrylic paint. For this craft I used this one. Great coverage and colors.

One of my best purchases this year was the heat tool. It makes layers dries sooooo fast. If you still don't have one, it's a must-buy! Click here.

The orange brush belongs to this set here. Ooly is one of my favorite brands and this set is the best. You have all the needed brushes and the quality is amazing. Not to mention that they are beautiful!