#wordrocks found around the world

My name is Beth, I live in Gothenburg, Sweden.
I went to unlock my bicycle today to go home and found this little guy in my basket. 
Gorgeous surprise and a little pocket of positivity in what has been one of the most stressful weeks of this year! Thank you to whoever dropped it in there! I'll take it with me and look out for the perfect opportunity to pass it on :) 
Loving your work guys! 
Beth :) x
(this rock was placed in Denmark by volunteer Cheryl Bruser) 

Dear Wordrocks,

Yesterday a kind soul had placed this in my basket on my bike here in Copenhagen (Denmark). It had been a rough and stressful day and this genuinely made me smile.

I am not yet quite sure what I will do with the lovely rock, but for now, it is staying with me for some positivity until it is time for it to bring joy to another soul. 

Thank you for the kindness,

Best regards,

Emilie Mariboe 

(this rock was placed in Denmark by volunteer Cheryl Bruser) 

Found by Daniela Soto, in Carlsbad, California.