Love it forward List

The idea of spreading love has expanded so much in my life that Word Rocks Project branched out. I began to be much in demand to help in several causes. Donations of money, toys, clothes, food and, especially, "donations of love and caring" . I came to a point that I could no longer cope alone with so many requests. So I began to ask for help from people that are also always willing to give love. And so little by little, the list of five participants became 20, then 100 and now we are almost 600 people that come into play whenever I get the request to send affection to someone going through a difficult time. This is done through ‪#‎wordrocks‬, cards, letters, gifts, flowers, toys, candies! So, since last month I decided to make official what I've been doing for more than three years: the Love it Forward List. From now on, the posts will be more differentiated and will include, besides the rocks, pictures of letters. Wanna join us?

With love, Carol