Aloha rock found!

"Thank you for the Aloha Rock!  I found this on a bridge rail on the road to Hana on May 3, 2015.  When I first saw it I thought this is cool but I did feel a little funny wanting to take it home with me.  I am so glad I turned it over and saw the message It’s yours.  My husband and I were in Hawaii for our fifth wedding anniversary and had been on the road to Hana five years ago on our honeymoon.
This is a really neat project you developed and we appreciate the extra souvenir!
We live in McPherson Kansas.  Do you have a lot of people all over the world placing the rocks for you or did you place this one?  I would love to know how long it was there before we found itSmile
Thank you again for the ray of sunshine in our day!"
Marlene and Brad Vickrey