Rock found

I love my rock.  I found it a couple of weeks ago at the Encinitas library and
 put it in my bag and kept forgetting to look up the links.  I go to the Encinitas library every
Wednesday for the wonderful free concerts at noon.

I was at the beach and noticed a surfboard out in water with nobody around in Sept 2013
at Oceanside Harbor.  I asked a female surfer to check and it turned out to be her boyfriend
who had died.  I went to the memorial service and he had been a geologist and there
was a pile of rocks that all said "Mike Rocks."  I really wanted to take one but felt they
should go to people who knew him when he was alive so I did not. So thank you for the rock.
 It reminded me to pray for Mike and his son and his girlfriend Gianna.

The rock makes me smile!  I have always collected rocks from different
places and put in my garden.

I think I waited to check on links because I was afraid I was
 supposed to log then pass rock on but I really wanted to keep it.


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