Rock found!

Hi there!
So this morning as I'm dropping my kids off at preschool
 my 2 year old daughter comes running to me with a painted rock in her hand.
 My first thought was, "Oh no, where did she get that? I'm going to have to find its rightful owner!"
I glanced at what it said and thought it was cute, then flipped it over and saw the bottom.
 I was so excited I was "allowed" to keep it! The most amazing thing is that I am therapist, 
and part of my logo is a heart. I love hearts, and I think hearts represent love. 
When I am instructed to do mantras in a yoga class I'm taking, 
I always think "I. Am. Love." So, this rock is just perfect for me.
 It is now happily on display in my therapy office. 
Thank you for making my day!