Rock found at Paul McCartney's concert


I found a rock on a bench while waiting for the trolley after the Paul McCartney concert.
  I don’t use instagram, unfortunatly, just FB.  Would love to see all the posts.

When I saw it, I thought someone had lost their Paul McCartney Concert souvenir.  What a fun idea.  My husband and I had already had such a wonderful day taking the trolley to Gaslamp, having a great dinner and then getting to hear Paul McCartney for the first time ever  Finding the rock was a nice little ending to such a beautiful day.

I was going to keep it but I am going to NY next week and my daughter suggested I leave it at the “Imagine” memorial to John Lennon in Central Park.  Can’t decide to leave it or ask you to make an “Imagine" rock.  I’ll let you know.

Thank you for taking the time to brighten another person’s day.