Love is action

(I'm still working on my English. So please, any grammar mistakes, forgive me).

As a mother, I truly believe that any example is much more fruitful ( there is that word ? ) than just conversations.

A few weeks ago my son came home from school very impressed with a talk about Rachel Joy Scott, one of the victims of the Columbine massacre. Rachel's story was turned into national program for the prevention of youth violence, based on her life and writings .

The intensity with which he remembered new information to share with me made ​​me realize that he needed to vent his feelings more intensely.

I suggested him that he might contact her mother ( thanks Google! ) and send her some special #wordrocks that could expresses his feelings about it.

Said and done. He chose to prepare Rachel, Joy (Rachel's second name) and eternity. 'Mom, I will write a letter too,' he said.

Yesterday, I received a email from Beth, Rachel's mom:

Dear Carol,

Please let your son know that I did receive his sweet rocks and have put them in a special Rachel Box.  Thank you so much for thinking of us.

Why do I share this? To show that love is action. To share our affection, to show that you care, produces a stream of love that deeply affects everyone involved and inspires those who are in the vicinity .

Lots of people write me to say they that they'd love to do something to help people but do not know how to start . It's so simple. Open your heart, look around ... there are lots of people in need of care, help or love.

I hope that this post can be an inspiration to you. With love , Carol ( ).