'Word Rocks' of the day

What about finding positive words
waiting for you at your car doorstep?
 Both were placed to honor
@little_lovebug Bella's memory

Another beautiful message that we received.
This one came from David's mother, this little warrior in the picture.
Isn't he handsome?
'Your HOPE 'word rock' filled my heart with hope and I spent 24 hours comforted by it.
 My baby won another one!
God bless you guys and your rocks with all the love in the world! Luciane.'
Thanks to Simone Krauss that helped us to send these rocks to David. 

I believe we were caught in the act when 
we left a 'word rock' in Solana Beach. I found this note on my window. 😊

Another beautiful message that we received: "I want you to know that I was extremely thrilled to receive your LOVE 'word rock'. And although we do not know each other personally, our souls are certainly related. Thank you! I congratulate you for the initiative in sharing love and your messages through the rocks in order to make people realize what really matters in life. With sincere affection Carmen Lia The rock is on my bedside table, so that when you wake up every day, I can praise the love.

Instagram: word_rocks