'Word Rocks' of the day

Today I was RAKed with this amazing bracelet by the
RAK (Random Act of Kindness) Community and absolutely love it!

Got to know through @danielskate88 that the best pizza in Encinitas is closing down.
We went there for lunch and left a BLESSINGS 'word rock' inside the tip jar as a good luck wish. 

Left this morning at Solana Beach, the 'word rock' to honor baby Fletcher was found!

 "My condolences re your loss of baby Fletcher .... the rock I found at Starbucks in Solana Beach CA was sparkling gold with the word "Infinity" I feel a connection with your pain, but also in the joy of knowing life is eternal and infinite ... so Fletcher's soul lives on. Best wishes, David W."

And then I got Fletcher's mom answer:

You have made my day!!! I have tears flowing knowing there is one more person in this world who now knows of my beautiful boy.
No words can describe my emotions and appreciation.
Thank you xoxo

Instagram: word_rocks