'Word Rocks' of the day

@lucadorosmom and her wife chose STRENGTH to represent Luca d'Oro,
their beautiful baby who is truly missed and loved. 👼

"My brave boy lived in my arms for 2 hours 25 mins". Mom @tashfoote chose BRAVE to honor handsome Hugo. Sounds so touching and beautiful. We are all with you @tashfoote.

Baby Sprout from Australia was the second baby from@tashfoote
but became an angel too soon. Hope was her mom's choice to honor Sprout.

Baby Star from Australia was honored by the word MIRACLE.
A beautiful word to honor 
@tashfoote first girl.

Moxie means energy, courage, determination. "Her name fits her well as she gave me the pep and determination to be a mom!", told me @mnmsweetpy. So here is a 'word rock' to honor your precious baby girl. 

Instagram: word_rocks