'Word Rock' found!

"My husband and I found this Word Rock at Cabrillo National Monument! It was poignant. We were happy, enjoying each other in that beautiful setting! Your rock added to our joy. Pretty neat project! We carried the rock to a different section of the park and put it down for some other lucky person(s) to find".


The interesting part of this story is that I've never been at Cabrillo Monument and this is one of my old 'word rocks". So interesting to think that it was moved from one place to another till it comes to Cabrillo! Love to share these rocks!

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The Be Happy 'word rock' was already found by another person and it is on its way to Nevada!

Found rock at Point Loma, California.
Showed my 12 years old, made her smile.
Very cool idea!
Thank you
Joe & Kathrine
Tonopah, Nevada.