'Word Rocks" found!

Sharing positive words, sharing love!

"Béatrice found LOVE in Encinitas, California during her visit. Love was just looking at us from above, on the side of a steel gate. So we placed it by the pool to take it's picture. Béatrice and her family are from Boischatel in Québec, Canada. They are visiting me in Encinitas. Béatrice liked the rock and wanted to make sure we didn't leave it behind at the pool. Her and her sister Marguerite drew on rocks when we came back home. 

She will find a new location for LOVE within the next 2 weeks,"
Céline Beaupré

"I'm an employee at Banfield inside PetSmart and I found 
this rock today on our lobby desk :) 
Made my day. I'm going to try and get real creative 
on where to place it next....."
Danielle Michelle

This rock was placed here.

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