Rock found!

One of the 'word rocks' of yesterday was found by Delaney! Love to see the messages touching people's hearts!

"Today is my second day of summer going into my sophomore year of high school and I feel like I'm growing up so fast. My older brother is graduating from high school and my little brother is promoting from elementary school, and I feel like time is flying by! This afternoon, I went to see my little brothers sixth grade school play. All of the kids at the elementary school I graduated from four years prior seemed so small and I could see all the excitement in their eyes. Why can't I be like that anymore?  I feel like when we grow up we lose so much hope and optimism, and being back at that elementary school reminded me how much we influence our next generation. As I was walking out, I found this rock. It was just the inspiration I needed. Thank you!"

Delaney R.

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