Joy rock found!

One more word rock handmade by volunteer Val was found yesterday in San Diego!

"My 6 year old daughter found this rock at our apartment building. It totally made her joyful! She thought she had found the holy grail of rocks, lol!", Craig Stuart.

On the next day, Lorelei's mom, Annie Kate, left this beautiful  and touching message for us:

"My daughter Lorelei is the one that found this rock, and I had no idea that my husband had sent in the picture until he told me the name of this website. When I walked in our house after work yesterday the first and only thing Lorelei wanted to tell me about was the special rock she found. The idea, time, effort and heart that you all put into this is amazing. And it was nice to be reminded that there are people that care and are willing to share all of this with complete strangers. Thank you so very much! You made my daughter's day and as a Mom, that makes me eternally grateful to everyone involved!"