Young Nadia and her golden heart

Hi Carolina,

I work with your husband and I wanted to share with you 2 photos.

My daughter Nadia (age 8) came over to the office a few months ago and she saw the rocks. I told her about the word rocks project and she gathered several and placed them in Carlsbad and in the LA Area. 

She also saved 2 of them, her favorites, as keepsakes. She treasured these rocks.  In June, a friend of mine came for a visit from South Africa and stayed with us for a few days. When he was going to leave, Nadia told him she had a present for him, and I was surprised to see that she was giving him one of the word rocks that she had saved.  More recently, another friend came over to visit from Mexico City, and Nadia shared with him the last rock that she was saving.

Both of them sent me photos and I am sending them to you for posting on your website.

The photo of the first rock "Dream" was taken by Henry Oechler, who also happens to be a professional photographer. The 2nd photo was sent to me by Alfredo Garay, from Mexico City.

Thanks and keep doing such inspiring work!

Alexandra Bourne


Isn't Nadia totally adorable and cute?!

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