Remember: always smile!

"And remember: always smile!"
Cassidy Moonray Indigo was on her daily run when she took a break on a park bench in Sorrento Valley. And found a "Always Smile" rock. : )

Hello! My name is Cassidy and I found a rock! It just so happened to appear to me at the right time. Lately, I've been feeling down due to school and family issues/problems. 
But today, I went on my daily run, and I found this rock in Sorrento Valley on a bench when I was taking a five minute break! I saw it and couldn't help but smiling. 
Thank you so much for starting this great idea! It really made my day, and I will be taking this rock with me to my trip to New York City. 
So, hopefully you're inspiring rocks will make it around the world!
Much love,

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