Just relax...

Isn't Amanda a princess?

Some messages really touch our hearts and are a great incentive to devote ourselves more and more to Word Rocks. Like the one I received today from Jodi Elliot.

"We found one of your rocks on Wednesday at UTC mall in La Jolla. I was complaining to my two littles about how much they were misbehaving while shopping and all of a sudden my 5 year old and I spot something reflecting on a bench. She reaches out to grab it and it says "Relax". I look over my shoulder with a guilty feeling thinking surely someone put this there just for me! It was exactly what I needed to hear at that exact moment! It reminded me that I need to just take a breath and let that moment pass by so I can be happier in the NOW and not dwell on what is frustrating me. Thank you for your gift of words, I will surely pass this on. We live in Murrieta, CA so it will be interesting to see where it ends up next "

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