Keep laughing

"Laugh" though your heart is aching
On his song, Charles Chaplin wrote "smile and maybe tomorrow/ You'll see the sun come shining through for you". That's what I wish for you every day, Joanne: smiles and laughters.

"This morning while walking with my dog I was kind of sad. Then I found this little rock shinning on the ground and it really made me smile. What you are doing is really wonderful. Thanks, thanks!"

Joanne, Torrey Pines


  1. Carolina and son!
    Congratulations on your super idea!
    Today is weekend in Sao Paulo - Brazil and I read your articles on the website of Personare ( that I referred to this Blog.
    I agree with you when you say "Nice to see that the right word has even found its way at the right time to reach the right person"
    Believe .. even from a distance and the Blog, finding all the ways words, this stone in particular caught my attention ... I was chosen for this virtual walk ... Laught.
    Coincidence or not ... I had already scheduled to go in a few minutes in an exhibition on Charles Chaplin and my dog was with pneumonia so ... Smile for the life she will smile at you!
    Obrigadíssima you and your son through this fantastic idea and elevated sentiments!
    Feel Word Rocks finding that virtual you ... Light in his ways!
    Solange Marques (São Paulo - Brasil)


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