Virtual rock

Virtual rock special prepared for Solange
This morning I received a lovely mail from Brazil. Solange was glad to find a virtual rock through my site and shared her feelings with me. Dear Solange, this is the rock that I prepared specially for you. And thanks for your beautiful words.

"Carolina and son!
Congratulations on your super idea!
Today is weekend in Sao Paulo - Brazil - and I read your articles on the website of Personare (click here to read) that I referred to this Blog. I agree with you when you say "Nice to see that the right word has even found its way at the right time to reach the right person".
Believe .. even from distance your rocks are finding their way. And this stone in particular caught my attention while I was doing my virtual walk ... Laugh (read more about it here)Coincidence or not ... I had already scheduled to go in a few minutes to an exhibition about Charles Chaplin and my dog was with pneumonia so ... Smile for the life and life will smile back at you!
"Obrigadíssima" for you and your son through this fantastic idea and elevated feelings! Pretend finding this virtual rock that I'm sending to you: Light. That's what I wish for both of you.  Kisses!"

Solange Marques (São Paulo - Brasil)


  1. How beautiful! Thanks Carol for the Virtual rock special prepared for me! | I loved!
    And following the idea of ​​personal ... let's spread the word rocks the world and infect everyone!
    Big hug for you, for your son and your husband because he is pretty important character in this story have encouraged the creation of such a beautiful site. Beautiful family!
    Solange Marques (São Paulo - Brasil)


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