Magic Happens

Reese loved it "a hundred million infinity".
What a lovely mail I received from Mimi, Reese and Jonah! Their words left my heart full of sweetness. I wish that beautiful Reese and amazing Jonah always find magic in their lives.

"My kids and I found this rock at Jimbo's. I usually don't let them take things that look like they belong to others - but when I saw the website address and it said the word magic - we decided it was put there for us to find. Imagine our surprise when we pulled up the website to find that it truly was "magic." My kids are 7 and 4.5 and think this is fantastic. 

My 4.5 year old daughter carried the rock around in the Jimbo's kid's shopping cart. She said she loves it a hundred million infinity. My 7 year old son wanted you to know he thinks it is special because he is REALLY into magic. His 7th birthday party was a magic theme. 

Thanks for making our day magical!  Good luck with the rest of the rocks - we will be following your progress. Mimi, Reese and Jonah "


  1. Carol, my dear friend.... I am so happy to be a little piece of this wonderfull project !
    Very happy also for Mimi, Reese and Jonah !!!!

    You really ROCK !!!!!!

  2. Love it. Keep going. Amazing idea.

  3. What a cute story. And what an amazing idea!


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