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"Can we find all of them?"
Looking for treasures buried in the sand, little hunter Jayden found one of my rocks. I am glad for him and for his mom who sent me a very, very nice mail. 

"Hi Carolina, my son Jayden found this rock buried in the sand at the neighborhood park. Jayden LOVES it! He was really excited to find out we could go on line and learn more about it.  "Can we find all of them?" was his response when I showed him the website. It was really special to see his face light up  - he is always hunting for treasures and he actually found one this time!  Thanks for bringing some joy and magic to my little guy's day! Sincerely, Cynthia and Jayden "


  1. Cool, Jayden! For sure you deserved it!

  2. Really seemed to be the right word at the right time !!!!
    Carol, do yiou have a "treasure" rock ???? Loved the word !!!

  3. Adorei sua idéia, simples e fantástica!!! É de pessoas assim que o mundo precisa.

    Giseli cuiabá


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