Wednesday, July 31, 2013

'Word Rocks" and RAOK of the day. And a 'word rock' found!

@_krisgross wrote: Found this little pink rock on the steps to Kim's Vietnamese in Encinitas, California. It says 'lots of love' and love happens to be what @gerharg and I were talking about right before the discovery! PS: I have a great spot in mind for its next hiding place

Stickers left by us close to PetSmart, Encinitas. 
'Word Rocks' placed by volunteer Val at Del Mar and Poway.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

'Word Rock' found!

"My husband and I found this Word Rock at Cabrillo National Monument! It was poignant. We were happy, enjoying each other in that beautiful setting! Your rock added to our joy. Pretty neat project! We carried the rock to a different section of the park and put it down for some other lucky person(s) to find".


The interesting part of this story is that I've never been at Cabrillo Monument and this is one of my old 'word rocks". So interesting to think that it was moved from one place to another till it comes to Cabrillo! Love to share these rocks!

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The Be Happy 'word rock' was already found by another person and it is on its way to Nevada!

Found rock at Point Loma, California.
Showed my 12 years old, made her smile.
Very cool idea!
Thank you
Joe & Kathrine
Tonopah, Nevada.

'Word Rocks' of the day

A 'word rock' inside a Starbucks in Shanghai, China! 
Thanks to @pickleangela again!

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

'Word Rocks' of the day!

First 'word rock' placed in Shanghai, China, by amazing volunteer @pickleangela!
At Ancient Chinese Bronze Exhibit in the Shanghai Museum.

Colorful 'word rocks' that volunteer Val will spread
around San Diego Torrey Hills area this week.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

'Word Rocks" in San Luis Obispo, California

Thanks to volunteer Tara Goldberg!

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'Word Rocks' in Abbey Road, London!

Perfect place to leave two 'all you need is love' word rocks.
Abbey Road!

And one of them was found by Laura White (actually by her boyfriend):

Hi there,
After a wonderful anniversary weekend at the mr whits beach my boyfriend today found this word rock in abbey road. 
Thank you. You have both made our days.  

Martin Whitley says thank you as this beats last years present ha ha. (A nice bit of one upmanship).

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

'Word Rocks' in London

A note left at a map of London for the next tourist who will check it! 

A 'let it be' word rock and The London Eye!

A 'word rock' placed at Big Ben this morning. London rocks!"

First 'word rock' placed in London, England

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Downtown Disney

Volunteer Tara Goldberg spreading 'word rocks' at downtown Disney!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

'Word Rocks' at ComicCon!!!

Tara Goldberg found one of 'word rocks' two weeks ago at Solana Beach. She decided to pay it forward and made these wonderful 'word rocks' to spread at ComicCon today (San Diego) and at LA area in the following days. Hope Tobuscus might find one!!!!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Word Rocks and Random act of kindness

How amazing to see these shining 'word rocks' flying pretty soon to China! Thanks to wonderful @pickleangela who painted them 
and will scatter the rocks throughout China! Angela rocks!

This afternoon I left this snack at San Diego University. 
Hope it will make someone smile!

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Rolling stone

I left this rock at Pet Smart. (read here).

Danielle found it and passed it away last Sunday (read here).

Yesterday night I received this beautiful mail from the person who found it!

"I saw one of your rocks and was with my family and it was a sign to me to go back to church. I thank you so much for this amazing blessing. The picture attached are my two amazing cousins and my whole family thanks you so much for the Oh Happy Day! rock we found at a fountain at the Irvine Spectrum. I would love to be a part of this project in any way. Thanks again,"

Mattie Mackessy 

How amazing to see this love being spread by so many amazing people!

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'Word Rocks' of the day!

Paris will be beautiful with these 'word rocks'. Thanks to my volunteer Gabriel

Special word rocks placed at Sandy Hook Elementary School thanks to Cheryl Smith

in the honor oh the kids and their families. May everybody have peace in their hearts

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

'Word Rocks' of the day

Word Rocks' left this morning to Dr.Seuss and the Cat in the Hat, at UCSD.
'Oh, the places you'll go!

A 'word rock' found by Vinnie Fortuna

"Made my Day! Picked up this rock several months ago outside Flora Vista Elementary School, Encinitas and am getting ready to pass it on to hopefully someone as amazing as Carolina or Antonio. Your bringing some positiveness, inspiration or happiness to someone is special. What a gift! Keep up the good work. Word Rocks Rox." 
Vinnie Fortuna

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Monday, July 15, 2013

'Word Rocks' and notes of the day

Returning a book to the public library with a positive note inside

Good morning, UCSD!

Bus stop at Lausanne, Switzerland

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'Word Rocks' of the day

Word Rocks in Costa Rica!!! 
Thanks to Dora Grbic, this beauty who lives in Canada. 
Spreading positive words!

This 'oh happy day' rock was placed at PetSmart on June, 28th, 
and Michelle Found it (click here to read full story).
Yesterday Michelle left it at Irvine Spectrum.
Who will be the next one to find it?!

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

'Word Rocks' and notes of the day


Raphael Camara is from Philippines and is spending his summer vacation in Europe. Guess what he found?!

'Hey guys! 

About a couple of days ago I arrived at St. Moritz Bahnhof, after a 3 hour bus ride from Lugano. It was day 2 of my journey, and what a beautiful thing it was to board the bus with this rock, giving me this wonderful message!

Hope you guys don't mind me keeping it - it makes a great souvenir :)


The 'word rock' that he found is this ONE.


Thanks to Gabriel in Switzerland
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Saturday, July 13, 2013

'Word Rocks" of the day

Love notes left in Carlsbad

Costco, Rancho Bernardo, California, USA

St.Mortiz, Switzerland

Lausanne, Switzerland

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Another 'word rock' found!

Isn't Leena adorable?!

We found this rock at Solana Beach!! My sister and I walked from Cardiff pushing a stroller on her first big workout of the season!! We got caught in the rain and by the tide. We retreated to land to dry off. Wet shoes and all...we decided to trudge forth!! My sister found the rock along the sidewalk and got excited!! Yay, "Look..I ROCK!!" As we ate our picnic lunch, I read your story from my iPhone. We enjoyed being part of this project and such a neat, positive chain!! In the picture, is my niece (Leena) showing off the rock. She wants to keep it because she says it makes her happy!

Thank you!!
In Rock & Love,
Julie, Jana & Leena

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'Word Rocks' of the day

Word Rocks in St. Moritz, Switzerland, thanks to volunteer Gabriel!

'Word Rocks' found by these cute little girls

Hello Antonio and Carolina!  

This message to you is coming tardy, but still filled with heart felt thanks and appreciation at this kind gesture you do for spreading some cheer and wonderment in the community.  

I wanted to give you the story on how we came across the Word Rocks one day in a neighborhood park in Encinitas, California.  It was a typical weekend day for our family; family breakfast and then an adventure walk/bike/wagon ride to the park with the dogs.  We happen to come across a neighbor friend and her girls (who are very close in age to our own girls, Aspen - 5 and Magnolia - 2) who joined us for our walk.  After running and giggling and climbing trees the girls came across one rock near a tree, and then another one on their bike seat.  Well, the wonder and excitement that ensued from the girls on this secret treasure lasted all morning, and straight into the an afternoon excursion to a nursery where they put together some fairy gardens (picture attached).  Needless to say, the Word Rocks was the crowning jewel of the garden and the fairies have left plenty of notes since complementing on its usage.  

So, once again...thanks Thanks THANKS for this amazingly kind-hearted gesture that makes childhood a little more magical.  

Geoff and Tracy Martin

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

'Word Rocks' and notes of the day

Left this morning at so many different places in Encinitas!

Handmade by volunteer Val and left by her at In N Out in Irvine, California

Handmade by volunteer Simone Krauss and left by her inside a train in Switzerland

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

'Word Rocks' of the day

Positive words in Solana Beach today!
And one of the rocks found! Check below!

"I wanted to let you know that I really like the concept of your project and would like to find out how to volunteer to make rocks and what that entails. Thanks so much!"
Tara Goldberg

A 'go for it' rock in Switzerland!

Word Rocks for setting out over next few days in various places. 
Handmade by volunteer Val.

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